Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, popular Jodhaa Akbar actor Aman Dhaliwal was reportedly attacked by a man with a tomahawk (axe) while working out at a gym in California. A video of the whole incident, captured on the CCTV camera in the gym, has been going viral on social media.

The Punjabi actor sustained severe injuries on his arms, head and torso. However, the brave actor showed exemplary courage and managed to subdue the accused before handing him over to the police.

As per reports, the incident occurred while Aman was working out at Planet Fitness, a chain of gyms in California’s Grand Oaks. Meanwhile, the accused brutally attacked Aman with a tomahawk due to unknown reasons.

The video of the incident was shared on Twitter by Gagandeep Singh. Sharing the video, Gagandeep wrote, “Punjabi actor Arman Dhaliwal was critically attacked in America when he was exercising in the Planet Fitness gym. Dhaliwal bravely subdued the attacker.”

The video shows the attacker in a blue hoodie, clutching the arm of the Aman. He was also seen holding a tomahawk and shouting out loudly for water.

“Please, respect us. Give me water. I need water,” the attacker can be heard shouting even as Aman stands calmly with blood profusely flowing down his head and shoulder. As soon as the attacker turns his attention away, Aman seizes the moment and tackles the attacker to the ground.

Soon other members of the gym rushed in to subdue the attacker. Reports said the man was arrested later. While the reason behind the attack is yet to be ascertained, social media users believe it to be a racial attack.