• Thursday, October 05, 2023
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Jennifer Winget's 'Code M' is perfect crime drama for weekend Watch

The second season of Jennifer Winget's Code M will start streaming on Voot on the 9th of June. Here's what you can expect!

Sangati Jogwar
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Code MPhotoPhoto: Twitter/Voot Select

Code M

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News Highlights

  • Jennifer Winget returns to the OTT platform as Monica in Code M Season 2.
  • As an intelligence officer, Jennifer mesmerizes everyone with her stunning performance

Season 2 of Jennifer Winget’s 'Code M' will start streaming on Voot from 9th June onwards. It offers the same josh, excitement, and thrills that made the first season of 'Code M' such a big hit. The upcoming season will have a few changes with Jennifer’s character Major Monica Mehra being promoted to a higher role in the Military Intelligence.

The story takes off when an assassin tries to kill Chief Minister Joshi when the celebrations for the Kargil Day are on. The case is handed over to Monica for whom things start becoming complex as, one after the other, different layers open up in front of her. She has a hunch that someone who is an insider is involved in this murder plan but she is not getting the right lead.

Code M Season 2 is all about how Monica tries to find out this culprit and whether she manages to reach him or not. The first episode of the second season starts with explosions and there is a confrontation between an army man and the police. From there on, the episode covers the Kargil Day Celebrations being carried out under the watchful eyes of Monica. But even after being extra careful, the killer manages to get very close to the CM but fortunately is not successful at killing him.

Crisp editing and a fast-paced storyline ensure that not a moment of this 20-minute episode is lost. As expected, Jennifer Winget is very impressive as Major Monica. She brings alive the character with full intensity making it more real with her stunts, body posture, and outstanding dialogue delivery. While web series or movies with men as investigators and army officials are quite common, having a woman to lead the team is a welcoming change and Jennifer has certainly lived up to the expectations.

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