Poonam Singh

Hollywood queen Jennifer Lopez, who is eagerly awaiting the release of 'Atlas', expressed her interest in doing an Indian musical. In an interview with India Today, Jennifer was asked if she would seize the opportunity to do an Indian musical. 

Visibly animated and excited about the prospect, she said, “I think I actually performed in India once, and I did some trending dance steps that were very popular at that time. And I was like, OK, let's do that. So yes, I would love to do a film like that or big musical films, which I love. I love singing, dancing, and doing movies like that. It's like putting all the things that I love together.”

Jennifer is also playing an imaginary Spiderwoman in Bill Condon’s movie musical adaptation of 'Kiss of the Spider Woman'. Referring to that, JLo added, “I just got to do that for the first time with 'Spiderwoman' and I literally was on the set with the other actors. And I was like, I only want to do musicals from now on. This is all I want to do. We had the best time. Song and dance are definitely my thing.”

Coming back to 'Atlas', Jennifer plays the titular role of a woman who works closely with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to capture a rogue robot with whom she shares a murky past. The film sees JLo in a totally different avatar, fighting giant robots and huge AI creatures. 'Atlas', which also stars Simu Liu and Sterling K. Brown, will stream on Netflix on May 24.