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  • South Indian actress Priyamani has worked alongside SRK in Jawan recently.
  • During an interview, she revealed how paps are paid in Bollywood to photograph celebrities at different spots.

South Indian actress Priyamani is known to Bollywood fans as the girl who danced with Shah Rukh Khan on “One Two Three Four” in Chennai Express and also as Lakshmi, who was a part of SRK’s all-girl squad in Jawan. Apart from that fans have not seen her in Bollywood movies much nor is she cited at the airports or events or regularly covered by the paparazzi.

However, she has donned many hats from being a lead actress to doing a supporting role and judge of different reality shows. Bhamakalapam is a comedy suspense thriller of Priyamani that received a very good response. Its second part was released recently and is already getting good reviews.

During a recent interview, Priyamani discussed her projects and also made a shocking revelation, a thing many people have known but now have directly come out from someone who is a part of the industry. Revealing the paparazzi secret of Bollywood, she said that the Bollywood stars do pay the paps to get clicked at airports and events.

She added that it in itself is a culture where the Paparazzi agencies ask for the number of photographers the stars want to come to at the airport, gym, or wherever they need to be clicked, and accordingly, things are arranged. The actress revealed that although it is called spotted at the restaurant, gym, or any other place, the paps are paid, and most of the time that is why they are at the right place and the right time.

Priyamani about paparazzi
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Priyamani does not want unnecessary attention

The actress was surprised when these things were revealed to her by a friend who works as a casting director and asked her whether Priyamani was interested in getting papped like others since now she is a known star in B-town after the release of Jawan.

But it seems Priyamani who never knew such things take place in Bollywood that paps can be tipped to photograph a celebrity is not interested in being a part of this culture. She said, “Most of the Bollywood actors call the paparazzi folks and it is not wrong. That has become a trend and the stars pay them. I was surprised to see the list of prices the pap agencies actually charge based on the requirement. It is not about expensive or not expensive. I said no because I don’t believe in beating my own drum. I am not into unnecessary attention.”

She also said that now the trend has started even in the South.