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  • Katrina Kaif had earlier said that she worried about Janhvi Kapoor wearing very short shorts to the gym.
  • Now, Janvhi Kapoor has come out with a reply to such comments regarding the dresses she wears to the gym.

Janhvi Kapoor and her trips to the gym are a regular part of the Instagram feeds of leading paparazzi and media portals. Time and again she is trolled and criticized for wearing short dresses while going to the gym. And not only the netizens but even Katrina Kaif, who comes to the same gym that of Janhvi Kapoor, during an interview had said that she was concerned about the very very short shorts Janvhi Kapoor wears at the gym.

Katrina’s reaction was a reply to the question of Neha Dhupia’s question when she appeared on the latter’s BFF With Vogue show. At that time, Janvhi did not react to the comments by Kats but it was her sister Sonam Kapoor who made a post indirectly hinting at the comments by Katrina. Sonam Kapoor in her post said that she also wears regular clothes and rocks them.


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But now Janhi Kapoor has himself come out with her reply to such comments by the troll and indirectly to what the Chikani Chameli fame actress said about her. During an interaction, recently, the Dhadak actress said that although people have mostly seen her gym look, it is not the only thing that she does. The star kid went on to say that she has learned to take everything with a pinch of salt and although finds attention for gym shorts flattering, she is not really worried about it.

According to Janvhi Kapoor what other people think of what she wears is not her job but it is just the consequence of her job. Work-wise Janvhi Kapoor will be next seen in Dostana 2, produced by Dharma Productions. The shooting of the flick was delayed after Kartik Aaryan, the lead star of the movie had a bitter fall out with Karan Johar and rumours indicate that it was because he did not want to work with Janvhi Kapoor.