Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

HanuMan, the recent Telugu movie starring Teja Sajja in the lead, has emerged as a blockbuster at the box office. While the movie is garnering appreciation from all over the country, director Prasanth Varma recently announced the 2nd installment of his cinematic universe, titled Jai Hanuman. At a time when HanuMan is running successfully at the theaters, the hype around Jai Hanuman is gaining momentum.

Recently, reports were abuzz that Varma is in talks with a Bollywood actor to play the lead character. While the plot of the story is still unclear, recently Teja Sajja dropped a hint about it.

During a candid interview with The Indian Express, the Tollywood actor said that Lord Hanuman will be the central character in the sequel. Further, he also talked about his involvement in the movie.

In HanuMan, Teja Sajja played the character of Hanumanthu, a young man who receives power from Lord Hanuman and fights evil hovering over his village. The movie is based on a superhuman; however, the sequel will revolve around the God himself.

Teja was quoted as saying, "The film (HanuMan) ends on a note that says what Lord Hanuman has promised Shree Ram. So, the film (Jai Hanuman) will feature Lord Hanuman as the main, primary character."

Talking about his involvement in the sequel, Teja said, "I am not Hanuman, I am HanuMan, so it will predominantly be Lord Hanuman's film but HanuMan might also be a part of it."

Varma shared a poster and a picture of himself announcing Jai Hanuman. The poster shows Lord Hanuman at kneeling at the feet of Lord Ram.

While the director has already announced that the pre-production work of Jai Hanuman is in progress, during a recent chat with Siddharth Kannan he revealed that he has been receiving ‘unlimited budget’ offers for Jai Hanuman.

During the chat, Varma stressed that he doesn’t want to spend a mammoth amount like Rs 1000 crore, just for the sake of it, though the film demands a very high budget.

Varma was quoted as saying, “It could be the biggest film of India. But we don’t want to want to waste the budget on remuneration and other stuff like that. We already have the script and storyboard ready. So, we will do it one shot at a time and see where it goes budget-wise. But, it’s not like I am mentally prepared to make this film with Rs 1000 crore. That’s not the intention. We will spend only what is required for the film and the story.”

Well, as it seems, the South filmmaker has huge plans for his cinematic universe with a focus on making each of his movies a visual spectacle. Meanwhile, fans are extremely eager to know about the Bollywood actor for Jai Hanuman and eyeing the updates for the same.