Poonam Singh

19-year-old Rishi Singh, who was crowned as the winner of the 13th edition of the singing reality show Indian Idol, has come a long way.

The Uttar Pradesh boy, who hails from Ayodhya, began his career by singing bhajan and kirtan and is now looking forward to new opportunities the show has brought him.

Rishi, who is not formally trained, did not expect that he would go on to win the competition. However, he was confident and trusted the hard work he had put in during his journey.

In an interview with News18, RIshi said, “I was expecting it because I worked hard, I was dedicated towards music. I decided to participate with utmost sincerity. I listened to our mentors and followed their advice. That has helped me."

Rishi also opened up about his future plans. He said that he wants to make more originals and plans to launch his own band.

“I want to create my own band. I want to research properly on this and do not want to launch this in haste," he said. 

Rishi Singh also gave a befitting reply to trolls who accused the show of being scripted as their no criticism on the show.

“We cannot call it positive because it is rather encouraging. People who participate in the show are often scared because they are singing iconic songs on a big stage. People who make such comments do this primarily because of two reasons. Either they are not good listeners or they are so jobless to make such remarks," he said.