Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Indian Idol 12's Sayli Kamble's boyfriend Dhawal was present during the historic finale.
  • Still, she did not let the camera hover over him for personal reasons.

Ever since Sayli Kamble has made her relationship with Dhawal official, there have been lots of speculations regarding when she has been dating him and was he present during the finale of Indian Idol 12 and so on. And who better than Sylii’s closest co-contestant Nihal Tauro to give insight on what exactly is the inside story?

At the start of this month, Nihal Tauro who was one of the top 6 contestants of Indian Idol 12 during an interview to ETimes revealed some interesting things about Sayli and his relationship with her. According to Nihal despite all the rumors about a romantic linkup between him and Sayli, in reality, both of them are like siblings. So did he know Dhawal before Sayli Kamble declared her love for him officially?

Nihal knew that Dhawal and Sayli were in a relationship before she told the world. He even said that Dhawal was present during the finale of Indian Idol 12 to encourage and cheer his girlfriend. While during the 12-hour long historic finale, the camera covered all the relatives, parents of the contestants present at that time, Dhawal’s presence was not given the expected coverage.

According to Nihal, it is because that is the way Sayli Kamble wanted it to be. The Indian Idol 12’s second runner-up likes to keep her personal life under wraps and did not want her affair with Dhawal to get undue attention. During the interview, Nihal also said that the rumours about his linkup with Sayli did not bother both of them because they are good friends.

He further added that even though all the contestants were more or less like good friends they did feel nervous whenever it was time to announce elimination. The elimination of both Sawai Bhatt and Ashish Kulkarni was shocking for Nihal who right from the beginning thought that Pawandeep deserved to win the competition.