Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Social media sensation Urfi Javed has been hogging the headlines for her controversial bold and fashionable attires. Though Urfi gets trolled for her weird fashion sense, she remains unfazed. Apart from the trolls, Urfi also has several admirers, including Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Now, another celebrity, Honey Singh, is added to the list of admirers.

Recently, singer and rapper Honey Singh showered praises for Urfi and also went on to say that ‘girls in our country should learn from Uorfi Javed.’

Yes, you heard it right. During an interview, Honey spoke highly about Urfi and said, “I love that kid very much. She is very fearless and brave. She wants to live her life in her own way. I think all girls in our country should learn from her.”

Further, he went on to add, “Do whatever you set your mind to without any hesitation, without fear of anyone, no matter where you come from, no matter what religion, caste or family you belong to. Do not do everything that does not belong in your family, but do what your heart says, without fear of anyone."

Well, such appreciation from the popular rapper must have elated Urfi. 

While the netizens leave no stone unturned to troll Urfi for her weird dressing sense and fashionable attires, recently she disclosed why she prefers to avoid wearing clothes . To justify her claims, she shared a video showing her skin allergies and claimed that her body is allergic to clothes.