Cassian Baliarsingh

WWE Legend John Cena made his much-awaited return and defeated Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on Smackdown. The legend made his comeback after 16 months and teamed up with Kevin Owens to fight Roman and Zayn. 

This was the final televised match of WWE in 2022. Fans had been going crazy after the news and were waiting to see the 16-time World Champion in action.

The news of his return and win was shared by WWE India. Taking to Twitter, WWE India wrote, “The GOAT is back! #JohnCena #SmackDown.”

In another tweet, WWE India wrote, “John Cena and Owens have defeated Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on Smackdown.”

After being shared on Twitter, the post has amassed a whopping 5328 views, 296 likes and 41 retweets and counting. The post has been filled with heart, fire and love emojis. 

Fans called him the GOAT, Best One, World Champion and what not. “There will never be another John Cena!,” wrote a fan while another wrote, “John Cena is the GOAT.”

A third user wrote, “Roman Reigns can be the Head of the Table, but Cena will always be the Heart of Wrestling. If you ask a rando on the Streets, name a Wrestler, instantly, the name that comes up is John Cena.”

Earlier, John Cena had also announced his return on his social media handles and wrote, “One more day until Smackdown in Tampa, FL! The last WWE show of 2022. A must see main event. Cena and KO vs Roman and Sami. C U TOMORROW NIGHT!”

Cena is rightly called a living legend as he has competed in more than 2000 matches and has registered a mammoth 1756 wins with only 406 defeats. He has performed in almost 47 countries due to his huge popularity.