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If you are looking for fantastic and speculative stories, Netflix has built a robust catalogue of original sci-fi and fantasy shows and acquired inventive hits from other sources to satisfy everyone's appetites. So check out this list of Must-watch sci-fi and fantasy shows available on Netflix. 

The 100 

Based on the popular YA Series by Kass Morgan, ‘The 100’ tells the story of teenagers from a space colony, stranded on bombed-out earth. There are various problems such as the emergence of warring factions, heart-breaks, and beloved characters dying. Don't let the soapy exterior fool you; this show has dark, thoughtful material in a slick, teen-friendly setting.


Dark is a German time-travel thriller centred around four families whose dark pasts begin to unfold rapidly when a handful of children in their small town begin disappearing. The series was marketed as "The German Stranger Things" because it was partly set in the '80s and was based on a missing person, but that cheap comparison undersells the series' eerie and deeply watchable nature.

The Witcher 2

It's time to cast a coin again for your favourite high fantasy series, The Witcher. As in the book series, this season is more heavily influenced by fairy tale elements, including the sorceress who can transform into an owl and the furry-faced creature Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju), Geralt's ally whose story is modelled after Beauty and the Beast.


This Brazilian Netflix original will appeal to viewers who enjoy the dystopian drama shown in 100, The Hunger Games and other dramas about attractive people under unattractive regimes. This series' hook is simple. The world is divided into two separate worlds: the offshore, which is rich and the inland, which is poor. It explores the Elysium-like premise in a way that's utterly emotional, and its stunning visuals have a gritty feel thanks to César Charlone, the director of the City of God.

Go ahead and don’t wait for the weekend to start your binge-watching on these fantasy and sci-fi shows.