Odishatv Bureau

Bollywood movies have not only entertained us but also inspired us with their content many times. Few movies have indeed impacted our lives in a big way and have changed our viewpoint toward life. We have drawn up a list of five such films that not just inspire but also motivate one to develop a positive approach toward life.

1.     3 Idiots 
Overtly, this movie is all about friendships, and following your passions but it is also a deep look on the social pressures that one has to face, given our marks driven Indian education system. Yet, the underlying subplots ask us to believe in ourselves and not to fear anything. It gives an inspiring message – Don’t chase success, chase excellence, and success will follow you. That should be your motto too. 

2.     Queen 
Are you afraid of getting out of your comfort zone? Then you must watch ‘Queen’. It is a journey of a young Punjabi girl who after facing rejection in a marriage decides to get out of her comfort zone and explore things. Along the way, she finds new friends and confidence. She comes out as a smart young woman, who gives her self-respect the utmost importance.

3.     Manjhi
If you have lost someone dear and feel that life has come to a standstill,  then watching ‘Manjhi’ will definitely change your perception. This movie is a biopic of Dashrath Manjhi, popularly known as the ‘Mountain Man', who through his hard work succeeds in carving out a road through a mountain! He pays no heed to people who say that his efforts will go in vain. Today, his work has inspired many others to live a more purposeful life. 

4.     Chillar Party 
This small-budget film with a big heart features a few children, who show courage and unity to stand up for a cause and succeed in establishing their point. Even when their elders and authorities dissuade them, they refuse to quit. This movie will surely motivate you to not leave the battlefield if you are standing up for the right reasons.
5.     Chak De India 
This sports movie features a motley team of young hockey players from across India who bond over their shared love for the game of hockey. As the national hockey team for India, they step out inspired by their coach to beat the best in the world championship of the game. ‘Chak De India’ is all about working as a team and never giving up, no matter how far-fetched the dream to win may seem. 

Bollywood has given us many more movies that besides entertaining us have filled our lives with hope and positivity.