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‘Fifty Shades Grey’ actress Dakota Johnson, who recently appeared on the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, had a wardrobe malfunction. However, the actress handled it like a pro and fans cannot help, but heap praises on the eternal beauty.

The actress was appearing at the popular celebrity chat show for the promotions of her upcoming movie ‘Daddio’. Directed by Christy Hall, the American drama stars Sean Paul in the lead and is slated to release on June 28.

As the interview went on, Dakota’s dress ‘fell off’ revealing her cleavage as one of the straps of her dress broke. Dressed in a black slip dress, Dakota looked gorgeous as usual. Sensing the metallic straps of her dress was breaking, Dakota immediately held her outfit in place, less the dress came off.

Sensing her struggle with her outfit, Jimmy asked, “Part of your dress just came unhooked. You all right?”

Dakota handled the matter with sheer confidence and said, “My dress just, it just fell off. Well, I’ll just hold it,” with a laugh. In reply, Jimmy joked that Dakota needed to ‘hold the important part’ of her dress which prompted the actress to place her hands over her chest to keep the bodice in place.

Holding that pose, Dakota joked about her upcoming movie and was able to hold the straps together throughout the interview. Unfazed, she answered all the questions related to her film.

Earlier, during an Award ceremony Dakota faced a similar situation but handedly it maturely.

“Leslie just broke my dress. Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my b***s,” she said jokingly about her intimate scenes in Fifty Shades film franchise.

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