Poonam Singh

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's sisters had been steadfast pillars of support for him, consistently sharing memories and advocating for him since his untimely passing in 2020. 

In her new book, 'Pain: A Portal to Enlightenment,' Shweta Singh Kirti, his sister residing in the US, delves into her emotions and experiences related to Sushant. 

Recounting a poignant incident in a recent podcast interview with Preetika Rao, Shweta revealed a connection with Sushant's spirit. She shared how, while searching for her lost AirPods, she felt his presence and heard his voice guiding her to their location behind a curtain on the window sill.

“I have felt his presence a lot of times. We had a very cute relationship and we were almost like twins. I lost my AirPods toh I was looking for it everywhere and I was not able to find it. Toh bhai dheere se mere kaan mein bolta hain (he softly whispered in my ear), I felt it like his voice and his husky voice and everything. Tumhara AirPod tumhare curtain ke peeche hain. Jao waha par mil jayega on the window sill (Your AirPods are behind the curtain on the window sill.),” said Shweta.

During her visit to India for her book launch, she spoke about the collective need to uncover the truth, urging the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to expedite the inquiry.

Recently, remembering Sushant on his birth anniversary, Shweta took to Instagram to share a montage, expressing eternal love for her brother. “Happy Birthday to My Sona Sa Bhai. Love you forever….infinity to the power infinity. Hope you live in million hearts and motivate them to do and be good. May your legacy be the millions you have inspired to be God-like and generous. May everyone understand that Godward is the only way forward and make you proud,” she wrote.