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Kannada superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa has been hitting the headlines for his alleged role in the murder of a fan in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The actor, along with 10 others, was arrested earlier and sent to 6-day police custody. Meanwhile, police have also detained his rumoured partner Pavithra Gowad in this connection. The actress is rumoured to be his wife while others address her as his longtime partner.

Both Pavithra and Darshan are the prime suspects and are suspected to have orchestrated the murder of their fan identified as Renuka Swamy. According to police reports, Renuka used to work at an Apollo Pharmacy branch and was mysteriously found dead at Sumanahalli Bridge in Bengaluru. He was allegedly attacked with a wooden log.

The perpetrators intended to dispose of his body in the Vrushabhavati Valley. However, the body was being tampered by street dogs when locals spotted it and informed the cops. After a probe, cops arrested eight people who have implicated Darshan, claiming his presence during Renuka Swamy’s assault. Darshan was allegedly present during the murder and the dead body was thrown into the canal in his presence.

Karnataka police also released a video in which Darshan’s car was allegedly seen near the place when Renuka’s body was disposed of. The video shows a car that belongs to Darshan. However, it remains unclear whether the actor was inside the car or not.

According to police officials, Renuka used to send vulgar messages to Kannada actress and Darshan’s rumoured girlfriend Pavithra Gowad. However, reports also suggest that the fan was killed only because he had made some comments against Pavithra on social media. Angry about this, Renkua Swamy was allegedly kidnapped, tortured and then murdered, it was learnt.

Pavithra is often linked to Darshan. In January this year, she left everyone shocked when she shared a video on social media in which she hinted at their relationship. “One decade down; forever to go. #10year it’s been 10 years of our relationship. Thank You,” the actress shared.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Darshan fans gathered outside the police station to extend their support to the actor.

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