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  • Supreme Court has slammed Ekta Kapoor for showing objectionable content in XXX.
  • The Czarina of Indian television has faced such controversies many times previously.

Ekta Kapoor has been slammed again for using nudity and obscenity in her production to attract a better response. The Czarina of television has now miffed the topmost judiciary of India. The Supreme Court last week slammed Ekta for using objectionable content in her latest web series “XXX". According to the judges C.T. Ravikumar and Ajay Rastogi, the famous television producer is polluting the minds of the youngsters in the country.

The statement from the bench of justices also said that the content on OTT platforms is available to all and inquired about what type of choices she offers to the people. This reaction was in response to a plea filed by Ekta against an arrest warrant for insulting the soldiers and their families. The petition said that the second season of XXX featured lots of objectionable content and showed a soldier’s wife in a bad light.

From making actors sign nudity clauses to false information

During the shooting of the movie XXX starring Kyra Dutt, Ekta Kapoor made all the movie's actors sign a nudity clause, which no actor will be allowed to refuse to shoot intimate and explicit scenes.

Ekta’s Jodha Akbar serial also faced a lot of controversy and criticism from the Rajput Kshatriya Akhil Bharatiya Chatariya Sabha who alleged that the producer was projecting wrong information about Jodha by showing that she agreed to marry Akbar in order to save the kingdom of her father. Many other communities also protested against this serial; a few even burnt the effigies of Ekta.


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Rajeev Khandelwal, the handsome actor who rose to fame with Balaji's Kahiin Toh Hoga was upset with the television programming of Ekta Kapoor and said that he does not need Ekta to make him a big star.

Be it movies, web series or television serials, Ekta Kapoor's contents have always been slammed for objectifying women and projecting them in a negative way. Most of her current serials including Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 or Apnapan show how close relatives try to hatch a conspiracy against their near ones and how in every house at least the man has an affair outside his marriage or a woman is involved in two relationships at one time.