Poonam Singh

In an exciting turn of events, the BTS ARMY has more reasons to celebrate as rapper J-Hope surprises fans on his birthday. The BTS artist, also known as Hobi, unveiled plans for a new documentary titled 'Hope on The Street' and an upcoming original soundtrack (OST) album.

The documentary, set to be released in March 2024, was officially announced on the BTS agency's X handle along with a teaser, coinciding with J-Hope's birthday. This marks his second solo documentary, following 'J-Hope in the Box,' which was released before his enlistment in the military for mandatory service.

The anticipated 'Hope on The Street' dance documentary promises to provide insights into J-Hope's journey and passion for dance.

Meanwhile, the double treat for the BTS ARMY doesn't end there. J-Hope will also be releasing a six-track OST album, offering fans a glimpse into his musical world.

Currently undergoing military service since April 2023, J-Hope is expected to conclude his duties by September of this year. Despite his commitments, he took a moment to share the joy of his birthday with fans by posting pictures featuring birthday wishes on his Instagram stories.