Poonam Singh

Amid escalating tensions between India and the Maldives, triggered by recent comments from three Maldivian ministers on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Lakshadweep, a video clip of actor Vikram has resurfaced, taking the social media by storm.

The clip, extracted from an interview during the PS-1 release event in Mumbai, captures Vikram fervently elucidating the history of the Thanjavur Temple in Tamil Nadu. 

In this insightful snippet, the actor passionately emphasizes the significance of cherishing India's rich heritage, urging people to value indigenous marvels like the Thanjavur Temple rather than exclusively praising foreign landmarks such as the pyramids and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

In the video, Vikram remarks, "We are actually taking a picture that is falling and saying let us take a picture, but we have temples today that stand and they did not use plaster." 

He goes on to unveil the remarkable feat of the Chola-built temple, detailing how a 6 km-long ramp, pulled by elephants, people, and bulls, transported stones to the temple top without any modern machinery.

A noteworthy aspect highlighted by Vikram is that despite not using plaster, the Brihadisvara Temple, built by the Cholas, withstood six earthquakes, showcasing the unparalleled intelligence, planning, and creativity involved in its construction. Vikram's admiration for the temple's magnificence echoes his profound respect for India's cultural legacy.

The video, shared with the caption "Sanatan is our culture, Respect & Be PROUD of it," has garnered widespread attention, resonating with audiences.

WATCH the video below: