Poonam Singh

Since their trainee days, K-pop Band BTS Members RM, Jin, Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook have developed a tight-knit friendship. It is often seen that bands fail to stand the test of time, however, BTS's members' bond has grown stronger over the time. They stick together through thick and thin.

The bandmates are often seen spending time together laughing, walking in sync and pulling each other's legs. They openly express their love towards one another, watch each other’s back and are present for each other during their low time. 

However, you can't miss the septet's banter and pranks on each other. BTS members RM and Jin did a V Live together yesterday (August 19) to the surprise of the ARMYs. Both interacted with the fans while having their sandwiches. They had titled the stream ‘NamJin’ - an endearing term used by ARMY to address them.

During the live stream, one fan requested them, "Please tell Taehyung (V) to marry me," and the duo gave a hilarious reaction to it and tried to pull V's leg by asking if the wedding is today. They also ended up coming up with wedding gifts for the imaginary couple.



Following this, fans recalled how V aka Kim Taehyung, gave very different reactions to similar comments in the past and how would he react to RM & Jin's congratulations.