Poonam Singh

ARMYs are buzzing as BTS's V, Taehyung, shared a recent Instagram update revealing a pile of hair on the floor, suggesting a significant haircut ahead of his military enlistment. 

Fans have long wondered about V's appearance in military uniform, akin to Jin and J-hope.
 With a buzz cut and military attire, V's post intensified speculation about his impending military service, following BIGHIT MUSIC's announcement on November 22 regarding the enlistment process for RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. 

Jungkook confirmed his intention to fulfill mandatory service in December. 

V's Instagram story featured a photo of his cut hair, triggering a mix of emotions among fans. 

Vs Insta StoryV's Insta Story

Some expressed joy and encouragement for his new journey while others conveyed sadness and disappointment, fearing the imminent enlistment.

Reactions ranged from hopeful messages to pleas for clarification from V.

BIGHIT MUSIC had earlier announced the initiation of military enlistment for selected BTS members. Jungkook's heartfelt note on Weverse, coupled with V's haircut post, has heightened anticipation and emotions among ARMYs regarding the group's upcoming changes.