Poonam Singh

BTS' Jungkook recently made his solo debut with his album "Golden" and appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon to promote the release. The episode, broadcast live, was full of fun moments. Jungkook performed his album's lead track "Standing Next To You," danced with Jimmy, and even shared a pizza.

One amusing moment in the show involved Jimmy pointing out Jungkook's famous on-air nap incident. Earlier this year, BTS members started a live stream on Weverse at 7 am, and Jungkook initially interacted with fans from his bed. He jokingly said, "If I fall asleep like this, the company will go crazy." Eventually, Jungkook fell asleep and continued to doze for about 20 minutes while six million people watched.

Jimmy showcased a photo of Jungkook sleeping during the livestream, telling him, "This is my favorite thing you did." The audience burst into laughter. Jimmy playfully asked Jungkook about the incident, and the singer responded with a smile, saying, "It was something very unexpected, and it's a little embarrassing."

Jimmy found it amusing and expressed his intention to try it too. The exchange was shared on "The Tonight Show's" social media, drawing comments from Jungkook's fans and creating quite a buzz.

“Some of my best memories are watching Jungkook live on Weverse... sleeping is no exception,” one user wrote.  

“And we were being so very quiet too while watching him sleep, didn't want to wake him up,” said another.

A third user wrote, “one of the most cutest and precious jungkook moments ever.”