• Saturday, September 30, 2023
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BTS: Alleged affairs, pain, love stories and revelations from K-pop group members

BTS group members over the years have accepted a few of their affair rumours and denied a few others. Here is a breakup in detail!

Sangati Jogwar
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BTSPhotoPhoto: Instagram/bts.bighitotfical


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News Highlights

  • BTS K-pop group members have been involved in affairs many times.
  • Some of these affairs were quite real while a few of them were just rumours.

All the members of the BTS group are very famous and have entertained audiences across the world with their splendid performances. Apart from the group, these K-pop singers also have been grabbing headlines for their personal lives, more often for their alleged affairs.

RM’s GF had a lot of guy friends

In one of the episodes of Problematic Men, RM admitted that he had a girlfriend when he was very young but she had a lot of guy friends which made him feel insecure, and that is why eventually they broke up. RM also triggered another affair rumours when during an interview with Billboard he revealed that verses for their hit album Love Yourself: Her came quickly to him as they were written from the bottom of his heart.

Jin wants a chubby-faced girlfriend

Jin has several times revealed that for him his ideal girl would be someone with a chubby face, good at cooking skills, and kind at heart. Rumours about Jin dating comedienne Lee Guk Joo were triggered when another comedian Jo Se Ho joked about the two publicly. However, later on, Lee Guk Joo confirmed that she never dated Jin.

Suga has strongly supported LGBT relationships

The singer admitted dating a fellow classmate during his younger days and has always strongly supported LGBT rights. He has even admitted that his preferences do not restrict only to girls.

J-Hope admitted his GF left him for another man

In one of the interviews, J-Hope revealed that he likes to perform Dynamic Duo solo because it brings back memories of his girlfriend who left him for another man.

V could not confess his puppy love

V admitted that he was in love when very young but could not confess his feelings because the girl never picked up his phone. Apart from that, he accepted that over the years he had several flings but none of them were serious.

Jimin would blush when near his crush

The BTS K-pop group member once said that he was in a one-sided relationship and could hardly talk and would blush whenever he was near his crush. He revealed that for him his ideal girlfriend would be someone shorter than him but he is yet to meet his kind.

Jungkook and his multiple affair rumours

The first rumours about Jungkook are about dating his classmate Park Se Won which was before he made his debut in singing. A hazy picture of the two getting cozy and kissing had also surfaced online in the recent past with Park Se Won indirectly hinting at the relationship by saying that her boyfriend is now too busy to be with her. However, the picture was quite unclear and hence the rumours were never confirmed.

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