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  • KRK recently shared a video clip of Hrithik Roshan.
  • The viral clip triggered an interesting debate on Twitter.

Hrithik Roshan is the Greek God of Bollywood who has a huge fandom sprawling overseas. Since last more than two decades, he has been adored and loved for his good looks, impressive style, spectacular acting, and of course his stunning dance moves. So, it won’t be exaggerating to say that Hrithik is the fashion icon of B Town and almost every Hindi movie fan looks up to him for style and fashion inspiration.

So, recently when a video clip showing Duggu with a bald patch on the backside of his head was shared by the infamous Bollywood critic Kamaal R Khan, several social media users immediately started reacting to the video clip. Many die-hard fans said that the video is from the time when Hrithik had brain surgery in 2013. The Krrish actor’s mother Pinki Roshan had earlier said that during shooting for one of his movies her son had a fall as a result of which he had a clot in his brain.

But it seems that the video is from recent times and does not look as if clicked almost a decade earlier. Many social media users said that since Roshans have heredity of baldness, Hrithik also is bald and uses artificial hair to cover his head. Even his father, actor-director-producer Rakesh Roshan who suffered from baldness at a young age used to wear a wig while working in the movies.

Interestingly, a few users also said that irrespective of whether Hrithik is bald in real life or not, he is handsome and continues to look good. While no one knows whether the Bollywood superstar has a patchy head or uses hair patches to cover his baldness since Hrithik is nearing his fifties the possibility cannot be ruled out.

Moreover, almost everyone from Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar had to take some type of hair treatment like hair weaving, etc to cover the loss of their hair and have been using ways to prolong signs of aging.

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