Poonam Singh

A viral video has captured the disappointment of moviegoers who eagerly anticipated watching Shah Rukh Khan's latest release, 'Jawan.'

The video, shared by makeup artist Sahar Rashid, showcases an unfortunate mishap during their theatre experience, where the second half of the film was mistakenly shown first. 

In the video, Sahar and fellow audience members express their frustration, demanding a refund due to the ruined movie-going experience.

Sahar's Instagram post, made two days after 'Jawan' hit theatres, initially displayed her excitement for the first-day-first-show screening. However, it soon turned into a recount of their unfortunate experience. Sahar explains in the video that the cinema played the second part first, leaving the audience bewildered when an unexpected interval appeared after just one hour and ten minutes. It became apparent that the first part had never been shown.

The video has garnered immense support from viewers, amassing over a million views. Commenters expressed sympathy for Sahar and her companions, with some suggesting legal action for the film's unfortunate disruption. 

Despite potential refunds, many felt that the damage was done, as they missed a significant portion of SRK's movie.

Directed by Atlee and featuring Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles, 'Jawan' initially received positive reviews and achieved a historic opening in Hindi cinema. The film quickly grossed Rs 300 crore in India and nearly Rs 600 crore worldwide within its first five days, making its screening mishap all the more unfortunate for these moviegoers.