Poonam Singh

K-pop band BTS member Jimin is celebrating his 28th birthday today. The birthday boy is not only known for his outstanding singing abilities but also for his unique and exceptional dance skills. 

Therefore, on his special day, here we have listed 5 of the best performance of BTS Jimin wherein he gave his finest act. 

Jimin’s first solo single

‘Promise’ is first solo single of Jimin. It is one of the most soothing songs where he reassures everyone that he is there for them (ARMY). He hopes that one can find the will to push past all challenges in life. 

Jimin’s rendition of ‘I Need U’ 

In 2019, Jimin took to the stage to perform an instrumental version of the classic song “I Need U” at the Melon Music Awards. Jimin delivered a breathtaking performance making the audience and ARMYs all over the world go gaga over his performance. Dressed in all white and dancing around the fabric, he looked like art in motion. His dance moves made everybody think as if he was flying and there's no gravity on the stage.  

Jimin’s solo song in ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’

One of the ARMY’s favorite Jimin presentations, ‘Filter’ showcased a different side of Jimin. His vocal is highly distinctive and sensuous in this one. And his incredible dance moves made it impossible to resist him. The song also has a little touch of magic in it, making it a fans' favourite.

Jimin’s duet with Ha Sung Woon

Jimin’s duet with his good friend Ha Sung Woon, “With You” is third on the list. Both of them sounded heavenly in the track. The soundtrack featured as the OST for the Korean drama, ‘Our Blues,’ follows the lives and loves of a group of people on Jeju Island.

The pain and emotions this song can invoke in a listener are beyond imagination.

Jimin’s Christmas Surprise

In 2020, Jimin made Christmas eve more special as he dropped his solo track “Christmas Love” for the ARMY as a surprise gift for the holiday time. The cheerful melody beats accompanied by bells and Jimin’s joyous singing make it perfect for the holiday season.