Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Tiger Shroff celebrates his 33rd birthday today.
  • In a career span of almost a decade the actor has faced many big controversies.

Tiger Shroff is a successful Bollywood actor who has carved a niche for himself as a very good dancer and action-based actor. However, he is yet to get an appreciation for his acting and many say that he has the same expression in every scene. Despite such criticism, the son of Jackie Shroff has an immense following among youngsters and is the heartthrob of millions of young girls.

As the Heropanti star celebrates his birthday today here is a look at some of the biggest controversies triggered by Tiger Shroff :

When Tiger said he cannot dance like a girl

In one of his interviews in 2017, the Baaghi actor said that he cannot dance like a girl because he wants to become a macho man. This statement did not go down well with many people who criticized the actor for being gender biased.

Tiger denied being a product of nepotism

It is very much true that Tiger got his first movie because he belonged to the film fraternity. But in one of the interviews he denied being in Bollywood because of his connections and said that he has struggled hard to reach where he is now. It irked many social media users who slammed him for not accepting the truth that he has benefitted due to his father's star status. Nevertheless, Tiger has proved multiple times that he can shoulder movies on his own.

Tiger Shroff's attitude toward fans was rude

Usually, Tiger is quite cool during interviews or on stage. But many times certain statements or actions have triggered the young actor's anger leading to very rude behaviour with the fans.

Like girls who are housewife types

Tiger Shroff surprised many when he said that he liked housewives like girls and would like his wife to massage him after he comes home from work, cook food and manage the house. It triggered a big controversy with many Bollywood fans accusing him of supporting gender inequality. However, later on, the actor revealed that he had just said it as a joke and was not serious about it.

RGV's transgender controversy on Tiger

Director Ram Gopal Varma indirectly hinted that Tiger is transgender when he said that Tiger is the greatest woman he has seen in his life. While the War actor did not respond to this comment, RGV, later on, apologized for saying so.