Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Bigg Boss Telugu 5 recently evicted contestant Sarayu spilled beans on her equation with inmates.
  • The actress revealed that some contestants are abusive and are playing the pre-planned game.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5’s evicted contestant Sarayu has now revealed some shocking facts about her inmates. During her recent interview with a news portal after her eviction last Sunday, Sarayu said that the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house use abusive words and that she faced a lot of dislike due to her straightforward nature.

Sarayu further added that Siri is the one contestant inside the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house who keeps on crying and has been a big influence on Shanmukh Jaswanth. She also lamented that many scenes from inside the house were not telecast. Most of these incidences were between Sarayu and Shanmukh. According to Sarayu, most of the contestants had a perfect plan for the show before they entered the house. 

Incidentally, Sarayu was recently abused by the supporters of Shanmukh after the former made some humiliating comments on Shanmukh. However, Sarayu does not have any regret about making such comments as she believes that whatever she said was the truth. According to the GangStars fame actress, Shanmukh, Lahari, VJ Sunny, Siri and Kajal are the worst Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants.

Currently, Priyanka Singh, Nataraj Master, Anee Master, Lobo, RJ Kajal, Priya, and Uma Devi are part of the nomination list. Reports indicate that Lobo is going to be safe. He has been getting the highest votes consistently. Out of the rest of the contestants on the nomination list, Natraj Master, Uma Devi and Anee Master fall in the danger zone.

Apart from eliminations, one more thing that keeps the audience glued to this reality show is Wild Card entries. Reportedly, the show is planning to introduce two new wild card entries soon. These will be the stars from the world of television.

Speculations are adrift that anchor Varsha and telly star Navya Swamy will be making wild card entries in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 soon and are currently quarantined.