Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2's upcoming episodes will focus on evolving chemistry between Ram and Priya.
  • Priya will stun Ram with her bold act in the changing room of a fashion boutique.

The ups and downs in Ram and Priya’s life in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 come with a few very special romantic moments. While Ram’s stepmom Nandini is trying her best to break the marriage between Ram and Priya, their friends and sisters of Priya are putting all their efforts to make these two see that they are indeed made for each other.

That is why Sara asks Mira Ma to take a promise from Priya that she will say yes to everything that Ram will say. And that is the reason why Priya agrees to go on shopping at an exclusive designer boutique with Ram, just to please her husband. Ram on the other hand has been made to believe by his friends Brinda and Adi that Priya is having a crush on him and that is why she is being so pleasant with him.

At the fashion store, when Ram Kapoor tries a suit in the changing room, a button of the shirt comes off. So even though he does not want to buy it, he now feels that he will have to pay for it. When Priya comes to know this she says to Ram that you should only buy things that you like and not otherwise and that she will fix the button in a jiffy.

That is when something happens that stuns the Ram Kapoor. Priya simply steps into the changing room, pushes Ram inside, and closes the door. She then takes out the needle and thread from her purse and starts sewing the button on the shirt of Ram. All these things happen so fast that Ram is dumbfounded and is left staring at Priya because of her unusual behavior.

More treat is in store for the Raya fans who want this couple to get closer. According to the preview when Priya will try to get outside the shop, the security will stop her and try to search her purse. That is when Ram will step in and ask them, “Tumhari himmat kaise hui aisa karne ki?” He proudly tells the security people that Priya is his wife.