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  • Aryan holds a graduation degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.
  • He is currently directing a 6-episode OTT series.

Aryan Khan seems to be a headstrong person who is currently busy managing two high-profile careers at the very young age of 26. The eldest son of Shah Rukh Khan who holds a graduation degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts first collaborated with Leti Blagoeva and Bunty Singh to start SLAB in 2022. It is a luxury lifestyle collective.

Also, he is directing Stardom, a six-episode web series that will start streaming on a leading digital platform soon. Talking about juggling between the two professions Aryan Khan said that he likes to keep busy. The first capsule collection of streetwear dropped in 2022 had less than 100 pieces. The aesthetically designed pieces luxuriously refined were promoted by none other than Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador.

Now for the second batch of his D’yavol X merch, Aryan Khan this time has collaborated with Disney. Recently during an interview with GQ, the young entrepreneur and budding director talked about the success of his streetwear and also about working with his father Shah Rukh Khan.

Discussing how this new drop is different from the first presentation, Aryan Khan said that changes in both design and material have been made in the second drop based on the feedback they received for earlier products. Thus what is available now is an elevated product that caters to a wider size range up to XXL. It also includes women’s wear.

He also said that their hero this time is denim as they have played with this version of fabric and offered new and high-quality options.


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Talking about working with his father Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan said that it was a pleasure as well as a learning experience working with him. The son of the Bollywood superstar said, “People talk about his work ethic, but experiencing it first-hand was exciting. He has a wealth of knowledge, which makes my job easier. Some things that would take me some time to wrap my head around were seamless for him.”

Aryan added, “Our brand is edgy, so he’s around to keep some semblance of sanity and respectability, otherwise, there could be too much madness.”