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Basyukta Basuprava

News Highlights

  • After all the odds, Anupama and Vanraj will be visiting the court for divorce

  • As they will finally go on different paths, their next move is highly anticipated

  • Kavya is likely to take a drastic step as she will be seen attempting suicide in frustration

The upcoming week will be a rollercoaster ride for all the Anupamaa viewers as they will finally witness Anupama and Vanraj go on separate ways. After all the odds, the couple will be at last will be visiting the court for their divorce. While the decision is painful for both, Anupama tries to put up a strong front while Vanraj is visibly trembling to go forward with the divorce. 

In the upcoming episode, Anupama and Vanraj visit the family court and Vanraj is still seen in two minds about their divorce. While his hands are trembling while signing the papers so Anupama takes the lead. After the divorces, Anu is seen to return her 'mangalsutra' to Vanraj and says that since their relationship has come to an end, it is just a thread now. 

While Baa was against the decision, viewers also thought that the couple won’t divorce after it was discovered that Anupama was suffering from an ovary tumour. However, now the couple will finally go on different paths, the audience is excited about what is in store for Anu aka Rupali Ganguly. 

It is clear that the journey for Anupama has just started and she will be starting her journey of self-discovery but this time she also has the support of her family. As per the buzz, she will also go through a makeover and move out to earn a living of her own. The viewers already know that she is an extraordinary cook and dancer so it is likely she will follow her passion to make a living which she earlier had to drop due to her marriage. Meanwhile, Kinjal and Samar will also be seen helping her create her own identity and become successful. 

On the other hand, after Vanraj had a fight with Kavya regarding the divorce and also decided to break up with her. Broken after hearing this, Kavya is likely to take a drastic step as she will be seen attempting suicide in frustration. 

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