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The popular show Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, continues to captivate audiences with its dramatic twists and engaging storyline. 

After a five-year leap, the show has been a hot topic, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The creators are dedicated to ensuring the show's success, delivering compelling drama and surprises.

After Shruti leaves India, Aadhya worries about Anu coming back into Anuj's life. Anu, aware of Aadhya's dislike for her and feeling guilty about hurting Shruti, urges Anuj to reunite with Shruti. 

Anu regains her Superstar Chef trophy, restoring her reputation and proving her innocence. Despite this, Anu decides not to return to America, choosing to prioritize Aadhya's happiness and encouraging Anuj to move on with Shruti.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj's attempts to persuade Anu to stay and met resistance. Anu insists that he should marry Shruti and build a life together, as their daughter opposes their reunion. 

Despite Anu's pleas, Anuj remains steadfast, declaring his undying love for her and vowing to wait for her forever. 

Meanwhile, Star Plus recently released a new promo, offering fans a glimpse into the emotional journey ahead. The video shows Anupama and Anuj leading separate lives, yet deeply missing each other. 

The promo begins with Anupama at an old-age home, holding a photo of Anuj and Aadhya and shedding tears. She scolds an elderly couple for secretly meeting but then joyfully announces their wedding at her 'Aasha Bhavan' (old age home). The couple's gratitude for her understanding of their love leaves Anupama emotional, reminiscing about Anuj. 

Meanwhile, a dishevelled Anuj also longs for Anupama. The promo concludes, leaving fans eager for the next chapter.

The promo's caption reads, "Anupama ki iss nayi duniya mein abhi bhi hai ek khaalipan. Wahin dusri ore nirash Anuj ke haalat badal chuke hain. Aakhir ab aage kya hoga? Dekhiye, #Anupama, #EkNayaSafar, Somvaar se Ravivaar, raat 10 baje, StarPlus aur kabhi bhi Disney+ Hotstar par."

According to Just Showbuz, the show may take another leap, with Anupama presumed dead by Anuj and the Shah family. Aadhya's distress over Anuj and Anupamaa's closeness leads her to attempt suicide. In a bid to save her, Anupamaa gets hurt and is assumed dead, though she is actually alive and missing. Anuj, unable to cope with her presumed death, ends up in a rehabilitation centre.

Fans eagerly await the unfolding drama, wondering what fate holds for Anuj and Anupamaa in their turbulent love story.

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