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Anupamaa, one of the most popular television shows, is getting more interesting with each episode. The makers are adding twists and turns to keep viewers excited.

In recent episodes, we saw Anu visiting India for Titu and Dimpy's wedding. She leaves America with a promise to expose whoever was behind the cockroach incident. 

Anuj and Aadhya also came to India for the wedding. Anuj wanted Aadhya to realize her love for her mother. Meanwhile, Shruti feels insecure and asks Aadhya to keep an eye on Anu and Anuj. Anuj gets close to Anu after hearing her confession that she still loves him.

Anu and Anuj discovered that Mr. Gulati and Rahul were behind the cockroach incident and informed the entire Shah family, leaving them shocked. Anu is proved innocent in front of her family, but the real confrontation will happen in the court in America. 

According to a Bollywood Life report, in upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, we will see that Shruti has a connection to Anu's case. She pressured the food critic to file the complaint quickly. Fearful that Anuj might discover the truth, Shruti travels to India and tries to force Anuj to marry her at Titu and Dimpy's wedding mandap. However, Anuj tells her that he loves Anu and breaks off their engagement, deciding to have Anu back in his life.

Meanwhile, Adhik also urges Anuj and Anupama to reunite. Adhik says he doesn't know what has transpired them or their current status but urges them to reunite. He emphasizes that their love story, #Maan, is special and unique and should not remain incomplete.

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