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  • Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna in Anupamaa are winning hearts with their sizzling chemistry.
  • Special romantic moments between these two have left the netizens awestruck.

Gaurav Khanna’s entry in Anupamaa as Anuj Kapadia and the college friend of Anu is one of the best things that have happened in this India’s No. 1 serial. While the fans found the romance between Vanraj andKavya distressing as somehow it negatively affected the lead actress of the show, Gaurav’s entry as Anuj has helped revive the spirit of romance in Anupamaa which the fans were definitely missing for long.

Importantly, the sizzling chemistry between Roopali and Anuj had added more charm to every scene that the two actors are portraying on the screen. From Anuj getting nostalgic while remembering the wedding day of Anu with Vanraj to daydreaming about Anupamaa in broad daylight there are so adorable and trigger romance vibes.

And for fans, it is a big treat that has been eagerly waiting for such special moments in the life of Anu who has been always looked down upon by Vanraj and Kavya. Another scene that gave goosebumps to fans is when Anuj Kapadia simply fails to recognise the antagonist Rakhi Dave who is always eager to belittle Anu and her family.

From saving Samar without knowing that he was the son of Anu to coming up with special Shayari for every moment, Gaurav Khanna’s Anuj Kapadia and his chemistry with Roopali has taken the attraction for this hit serial a notch higher, and as expected, fans simply cannot stop from adoring these two together.

And then, there was an epic moment when the voltage was low and Anu hurriedly tries to arrange candles across the table for the guests and finds Anuj looking at her. Then there was this iconic moment during which Anu saved Anuj from falling down by holding his hand. These sweet little moments and gestures are making watching Anupamaa a romantic experience these days.

And Twitterati is happily celebrating them.

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