Vikash Sharma

The fans of Anupamaa, the popular TV show on Star Plus, are looking forward to watching the 'Maha-Episode' tonight as a major twist is expected in the lives of both Anupama aka Anu (played by Rupali Ganguly) and her business partner Anuj Kapadia.

Anuj is now battling for life at the hospital following an attack on him during a bid to save Anu. The recent development has completely shattered Anu as Anuj was attacked the same day he expressed his feelings to her following a close shave in a road accident.

Though Anu was aware of Anuj’s feelings towards her, he had not expressed it before her- not even once in the past 26 years.

Anu and her family members including Samar, Pakhi expressed their gratitude towards Anuj for always supporting her. Everybody in the Shah family, except Kavya, are worried about Anuj’s health condition. As Vanraj stood beside Anu (his ex-wife) at the hospital, it did not go well with Kavya.

Vanraj recently asked Kavya to sign the divorce papers soon after she returned property back to the Shah family. However, Kavya is sceptical about Vanraj’s behaviour as she smells rat in her husband’s decision to support Anu and Anuj who seems to be going through a rough patch.

In the last episode, Kavya expressed doubts over Vanraj’s changed attitude towards Anu and especially Anuj Kapadia. She also tried to convince others in the family by saying that, “How can Anuj become so close to Vanraj? Soon you all will realise that Vanraj is playing a big game.”

With such developments, the fans are now eagerly waiting for the maha-episode of Anupamaa as more twists and turns are on the cards.