Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In Anupamaa, Kavya will once again find a new way to insult Anu who saves her from falling down during the pooja.
  • Vanraj surprises Kavya with a gift but tells her not to be envious of Anu as she saved Kavya’s life.
  • Kavya asks Anu to apply ointment on her leg and shares the photograph with Rekha to indicate that Anupamaa is serving her.

In Anupamaa, Kavya is finding it difficult to adjust along with the Shah family. As Anupamaa is sharing the roof with her and Vanraj is working in a café, things are not really happening the way she had expected which is why she is trying her level best to find new ways to insult Anu.

Rather Kavya is trying her best to insult Anupamaa whenever she gets a chance. In the latest episode, Anu saves Kavya from falling down when the two are performing puja. When everyone leaves, Leela asks Anu why she helped Kavya who is always rude to her. Anu says that hating someone is one thing whereas humanity is another thing. 

Kavya reaches home with the help of Vanraj and the latter surprises her by giving her a gift. When Kavya thanks him for saving her, Vanraj says that it is Anupamaa who saved her and that Kavya should not ignore the truth just because she is envious of Anu.

When Vanraj is going to the office, he meets Anu and thanks her for helping his wife. Kavya is in pain because of the injury and hence calls Leela for help. But since she is praying, Leela asks Anupamaa to check on Kavya. The latter asks her to apply ointment on her leg saying that she is even unable to walk. 

While Anu is applying the ointment, Kavya clicks her photo and shares it with Rekha indirectly hinting that Anu is at her service. Anu understands the intention of Kavya and says that next time she does not need to call her for insulting because she already has a picture of Anu serving at her feet.

Next, when Babuji is discussing the first day of Vanraj at work, Kavya intervenes and says that the job of Vanraj does not have any standard as he is working in a Café. And, according to Kavya, that is why Vanraj is a loser. She even calls her husband a coffee seller when Kinjal asks Vanraj to help her as she has cracked a big client.