Poonam Singh

Anupamaa is one such show which has managed to keep its fans on the hook since its very first episode with many interesting plot lines and twists. Currently, Anupama and Anuj are dealing with a lot of issues with Barkha and Ankush's entry into their life.

With all the tension and difficulties, Anuj escapes a major mishap with a minor injury leaving Anupama worried. 

However, Anuj pacifies her and shares his concerns with his wife and asks her to keep the promise which he had asked her to be the sole signatory of his properties and house and not give anyone her right under any circumstances.  

In the middle of this, Anuj gets a call from the orphanage which informed them that they can adopt 'choti' hints Anu. However, due to rules and regulations they have to foster her for five years first after which they can adopt her legally.

Anuj then makes Anupama understand the rules and regulations and asks if she still wants to adopt her. Anupama then replies 'five years is only a short period of time but it will become a blessing for the rest of life'.

Anuj and Anupama  are very happy as they are set to welcome their child and are seen happily dancing while making plans for her to welcome into their family. 

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anupama asks Anuj to share the good news with the families, but Anuj declines it and says he doesn't want anybody to put a question mark on his happiness. 

On the other hand, Sara overhears Adik and Barkha's conversation in which he says if he marries Pakhi, they will get Anupama to work for them as a remote control. Following this, Sara says she will tell the truth to Anu and Anuj, and moves from there while Brakha follows to stop her.

So, it will be interesting to see if Sara can disclose the truth to Anupama and Anuj or Barkha can stop her daughter from spilling the truth. Also. it will be interesting to watch how the Shah's and the Kapadia's react to Anupama and Anuj's decision to adopt choti Anu.