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News Highlights

  • Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly is back home with her family and seems elated with the union.
  • Rupali recently shared a series of posts in which she wrote a few cryptic notes and also remembered her father.
  • In Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi will shock everyone by announcing that she wants to divorce Mahesh.

Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly is back at her home and seems to be in a new state of mind. The bliss and happiness of being with the family are quite evident from her recent posts. A couple of days ago when she reunited with her family, an elated Rupali could not hold herself from expressing her joy.

She shared a beautiful click with her husband and son, captioning it, “Home is where the Heart is ❤️Back Home with my Boys.” As is known, the entire crew of Anupamaa was shooting in Gujarat as there was a lockdown announced in Maharashtra due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that she is home, Rupali has been sharing heavenly pictures and posts one after the other emphasizing her new state of mind. Be it her cryptic note on spirituality or her heartfelt post dedicated to her father, the Anupamaa fame actress is pouring her heart out on social media sharing her vision, approach towards life, and her current state of mind.


Her weekend post was captioned, “Your Life isn’t yours ....If you always care what someone else thinks!! Happy Weekend” whereas her latest post in which the actress is seen wearing glasses says, “Four eyes are better than Two Because sometimes u need a different perspective Have a fabulous week! Happy Monday mere Desh wasiyon.”

Elsewhere, in Kundali Bhagya the drama seems to be reaching its peak as some unexpected things rock the Luthra family. In the upcoming episode, police inspector comes to the house in search of Karan who is missing from jail. The trio of Rakhi, Pammi and Srishty act in such a way that the inspector believes that Karan is not hiding there.

Later on, Karan video calls Rishabh and the latter is surprised to see Karan home. While Srishty lies that the police released him, Karan intervenes and tells him the truth how he was unconscious at Mahesh’s house and Sammy and Srishty brought him home. This enrages Rishabh who asks Karan to go back to police station and surrender himself.

At that juncture, Rakhi starts crying and shocks everyone by saying that she wants to divorce Mahesh. Now in the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, it would be interesting to watch whether Karan gives in to Rakhi’s emotional blackmailing and stays home or surrenders himself to the police as per the advice of Rishabh.

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