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Star Plus show Anupamaa is having a dream run as far as the TRP charts are concerned. The secret- the actors as well as the story which keeps the fans wait for the new episodes.

The chemistry between Anupama, the lead character played by Rupali Ganguly, and Anuj aka Gaurav Khanna is the other factor which has added a new dimension to the show. Fans even call Anupama-Anuj as MaAN.

Recently both Rupali and Gaurav spoke their hearts out during an Instagram LIVE in which they not only responded to the questions put by fans but, at the same time, revealed some lesser-known facts about themselves.

During the LIVE session, Rupali aka Anupama heaved praises on Gaurav, who plays the character of Anuj in the show. She also shared the secret behind their unmatched chemistry.

“The comfort zone with Anuj aka Gaurav is nice. Somehow we understand each other as actors. When I change kind of tone of my voice, he (Gaurav) just picks it up and that’s very rare when you meet such a co-actor,” said Rupali.

According to Rupali, Gaurav is an extrovert and is ‘just fun and he just loves to laugh’. On the heaps of praises showered by Rupali, Gaurav, on a lighter note, said, “I wish some Bollywood producers are listening to this…”

Gaurav further revealed that a lot of his friends have now become big actors in Bollywood and he wished to become the one someday. Rupali was quick to reply, “You will become soon.”

What does Gaurav loves to do when he is not shooting:

Gaurav: Being at home and doing nothing. I am a lazy guy otherwise, but when I am shooting, I just don’t like to sit which many people do not know. I just like walking and keep moving on the sets.

Message To Fans

Gaurav: Just be happy as life is unpredictable. And don’t keep any grievances. If you have problems with people, forget it and move on. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us to enjoy life to the fullest. So, don’t keep any grudges and just have fun. “Tension Mat Lo, Maze Karo…,”he said

Rupali, on other hand, said, “It’s good to do and have fun, but at times such fun indirectly goes towards body shamming and other issues that really hurts.”

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