Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The latest pictures from Anupamaa show Anuj Kapadia in hospital and a worried Anu looking at him.
  • The presence of Vanraj in hospital with Anu has triggered their reconciliation rumours.

Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia’s hot chemistry has wowed the audience. While fans are hoping for more romantic scenes between them the current phase has also delighted the viewers who were frustrated watching Vanraj and Kavya dish out insults at Anu and the latter simply struggling to put her point.

But now once again it seems something is going to happen that will change the current track and may possibly bring Vanraj and Anu closer. The latest posts viral on social media show Anuj lying in a hospital in serious condition while Anu has an injury on her forehead. She looks worried for Anuj and seems to be discussing the same with Vanraj.

Interestingly, in the latest pictures, Vanraj can be seen standing in front of Anu folding hands and apologizing to her. Vanraj has now realized his mistake and wants Anu to forgive her. He has also decided to divorce Kavya after her traitorous behavior and handed over the divorce papers to her. Although now he has realized his mistake of choosing Kavya over Anu, the latter has now started developing a good bond with Anuj Kapadia.

And fans want their love story to move forward. But these new pictures have suddenly brought a twist to the sequence with many speculating that eventually Anuj will die and Anupamaa will go back to Vanraj. It is now clear that after Kavya cheated on Shah's Family, Vanraj is not in the mood to forgive Kavya but fans are also not in the mood to see the reconciliation of Vanraj and Anu. Rather they want Vanraj to stay away from Anu and Anuj and let their bonding grow. Now right from the beginning, it was clear that while Vanraj and Anu are the lead characters of the serial, other characters like Dr. Advait or even Anuj Kapadia have made entries just to add a twist to the story.

So, it seems eventually Anuj’s character will make an exit from Anupamaa and a new plot will be introduced in the serial.