Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Actor Anil Kapoor debuted in 1979 with Hamare Tumhare in a small role and later starred as the lead in a Telugu movie Vamsa Vruksham. Though he starred in several other movies, as the lead, his first Hindi movie was Woh Saat Din. He went on to work in several Hindi movies and many of those were commercially successful. However, 1987's Mr India brought him stardom.

Notably, the script of Mr India was initially written by Salim-Javed with Amitabh Bachchan in mind. However, Amitabh, the biggest superstar of those days, turned down the offer. As per reports, he felt that as the audience wouldn't see him and could only hear his voice, the movie wouldn't work for him. After the Sholay actor declined the offer, it was picked by Boney Kapoor. 

Knowing the script's potential, Boney roped in Sridevi and Anil Kapoor. Shekhar Kapur helmed the movie which later went on to achieve cult status over the years. 

However, did you know even though he was aware of the script's potential, he was extremely scared during the making of the movie?

Recently, Shekhar Kapur revealed that Boney Kapoor was scared that Mr India would work at the box office or not.

During an interview with Ranveer Allahbadia, Shekhar revealed that both Boney and Anil were quite anxious before the release of Mr India. Such anxiousness and fear were obvious as they had invested the entire family's money into the project. 

Particularly, Anil Kapoor was extremely nervous and exhibited a notable level of fear, both at the commencement of the film and during the film's release. 

The uncertainty looming over the film's success led them to think anxiously about the loss of their investment and its consequences for the family. 

However, the movie emerged as a huge blockbuster and the rest is history.