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  • The recent gossip trends are saying that the new sensation is trying to be in the good books of a superstar.
  • He is the same superstar with whom she worked recently,

The chemistry of Ranbir Kapoor and Triptii Dimri in Animal was loved by the audience. Their onscreen kisses and intimacy made the Bulbbul actress the heart crush of the Indians within a fortnight. And the chemistry has continued even beyond the screen as has been evident during the promotional events and the Filmfare Awards 2024 performance of the onscreen couple.

It seems fans have noticed that Ranbir Kapoor and Triptii have developed a closeness that is making Alia Bhatt insecure. The recent gossip trends are saying that the new sensation is trying to be in the good books of this superstar with whom she has worked recently, and in the last few months the superstar has also grown fond of her. The gossip also claims that their communication has now transcended beyond professional boundaries and they are now in regular touch even though both of them are not working together on any project as of now.

Triptii, Ranbir gossipTriptii, Ranbir gossip

According to the post, the wife of this superstar is not very happy with this closeness between the new sensation and her superstar husband and has already distanced herself from her and ignored/given the cold shoulder to her during recent events making it clear to the new sensation that she is not even interested in having a cordial relationship with her.

Triptii, Ranbir gossipTriptii, Ranbir gossip

On the other hand, the gossip says, the new sensation knows that her association with this big superstar will help her sail in Bollywood and that is the reason why she is trying to stay in his good books. Since the two will start working again next year on the sequel of their last year’s hit the wife has started getting insecure.

Triptii, Ranbir gossipTriptii, Ranbir gossip

Netizens are not mincing words, look convinced

This gossip byte has caught the attention of the netizens and they are all sure that the piece is mentioning a situation between Ranbir Kapoor, Triptii Dimri, and Alia Bhatt. Not surprisingly, many are convinced that Triptti is smitten by Ranbir and now the latter also seems to be drawn towards her which can be the reason Alia is getting insecure.

Triptii Dimri, Ranbir Kapoor gossipTriptii Dimri, Ranbir Kapoor gossip

Superstars sharing close bonds with their actresses is nothing new, even having affairs is part of their lifestyle in many cases, but the Raazi actress does not seem to be the type of wife who will take things lightly.