Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan received good reviews from overseas actors.
  • The Bollywood superstar also was appreciated by Mani Ratnam and Chiyyan Vikram.

The beauty and treachery of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Ponniyin Selvan I has mesmerized almost everyone. The former Miss World is back on the big screen with a bang and as the critics say this Indian beauty has aged like wine. She has received accolades from both Indian and foreign critics for her ethereal charm as well as the splendid portrayal of the treacherous Nandini.

While discussing Aish and her impact as Nandini in PS I, 'Our Stupid Reactions' fame Korbin Milles and Rick Segall just could not stop from raving about how wonderfully and effortlessly Aishwarya Rai just played the menacing and determined Nandini. Miles, who uses his platform to get good reactions to Indian movies from American actors, appreciated both Aish and Trisha Krishnan and said that these ladies are in charge of PS I.

Miles said, “Everybody was pretty good. But Aishwarya has never looked this good. She looks freaking gorgeous. This is one of her best performances I think. She drenched in power absolutely everywhere.”

Rick Segall, an American TV and film actor who was also part of this interaction said, “She did exactly what you need. The one thing that you can do with this kind of a role is to understand the power of stillness and she is clearly aware with her experiences as an actress. That one shot that they used in the trailer with Aishwarya standing almost kind of three quarters and the camera slowly coming closer was exceptional.”

Even her mentor Mani Ratnam, who brought her into movies and gave her a dream debut in Tamil with Iruvar, has high words of appreciation for Aishwarya. During one of the promotions earlier ,the Guru director said that Aish speaks Tamil better than even a Tamil actor and when the bar is raised to this level, others have to follow and do better.

Incidentally, her PS I co-star Chiyyan Vikram also has high regard for Aishwarya. While talking about the Bollywood superstar, Vikram said, “Aish has always been that symbol of picture perfection we always look up to. I have seen her films and watched her and it was not just about her beauty but about what she stood for despite being under the microscope of so many people. It is very difficult being her since she is constantly watched.“