Pradeep Pattanayak

Ollywood actor Pintu Nanda, who has been suffering from liver cirrhosis, was flown to New Delhi on Tuesday morning. He will be taken to the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), said family sources. 

Actors, actresses, Nanda’s well-wishers & fans turned up at the Bhubaneswar airport to wish him a speedy recovery. As the actor was being wheeled into the airport in a wheelchair, his fans bid him farewell and wished him to come back soon after recovery.  

“I thank you all. Your prayers and generous donations have given me the strength to go to Delhi. As little drops of water make an ocean, helps are pouring in. A lot of money is required for my treatment. I hope, it will be arranged. I feel that I will return and entertain you all once again,” said Pintu Nanda before leaving for New Delhi. 

As the actor will undergo a liver transplant, a donor has been arranged. But the money required for the treatment is still falling short. 

“So far, we have collected 25 per cent of the entire treatment cost. We have to collect the rest 75 per cent,” said Mitu Mithun, Odia actor. 

“The treatment cost is around Rs 50 to 60 lakh. From his family members, I know that around Rs 10 lakh has been arranged. So I would like to request you all to help us raise money for his treatment. I would also like to request Siddhant Mohapatra and Sritam Das to take up the issue with the Chief Minister,” he said. 

Jatra actress Rani Priyadarshini, who was seen at the airport, extended some assistance for Nanda’s treatment.

“Yesterday, I was performing in Jagatsinghpur. From the stage, I begged people to contribute something to the treatment of Pintu Bhai. I will continue this till his complete recovery,” said Priyadarshini. 

“Today I could donate only Rs 5000. I urge the people of Odisha to contribute something for the treatment of Pintu Bhai,” said a fan.

Actor Nanda was undergoing treatment at a Bhubaneswar-based private hospital.

(Reported by Soumya Ranjan Sahu, OTV)