Cassian Baliarsingh

Ollywood actor Pintu Nanda, who was undergoing treatment private hospital in New Delhi after being diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, was reportedly flown to Hyderabad for further treatment on Saturday.

Reports said, the versatile cine actor is being shifted to Hyderabad’s Yasoda Hospital due to the unavailability of donors in New Delhi’s Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), where he was undergoing treatment, said family sources.

Speaking to OTV, actor Sritam Das said, “He was first taken to ILBS Hospital in New Delhi. A family member was supposed to donate liver to Pintu, but that could not materialize due to mismatching of blood group and various other reasons.”

The actor further said that as per the government’s rule, one cannot get organs from a living person. Only the organs of a dead person can be donated which could not happen in Delhi. So, he is being shifted to Hyderabad’s Yashoda Hospital.

“We are making every effort to arrange ‘donor’ for him on a priority basis. We are hopeful, that a liver belonging to his blood group of B+, B-, O+, or O- will be available for his treatment,” he added.

Speaking on Pintu Nanda's current health status, Da said, “There was bleeding in the liver five days ago. Now, he is stable and able to sit and speak. He is healthy enough so he was shifted from New Delhi to Hyderabad.”

“Doctors have suggested immediate transplantation as no one knows when his condition can further deteriorate. So, we are trying to reach out to everyone possible and arrange his transplantation,” he added.