Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan recently won the hearts of movie lovers with his spectacular performance in Dasvi. Even he received high appreciation for some of his recent movies. However, the actor once again was tried to be humiliated by a troll, who referred to him as ‘unemployed’. 

But, the tables turned when Junior Bachchan gave a sassy and hilarious reply to the troll and fans showered support and love for him.

It started when Abhishek wrote while replying to a journalist’s tweet, “Do people still read newspapers??”

The online troll, responding to the actor’s tweet wrote, “Intelligent people do. Not unemployed people like you.”

However, the Dasvi actor responded to the troll in a savage way and replied, “Oh, I see! Thank you for that input. By the way, intelligence and unemployment aren’t related. Take you for example, I’m sure you’re employed, I’m also sure (judging by your tweet) that you’re not intelligent (folded hands emoji).”

Well, the reply was indeed savage and witty at the same time. 

Meanwhile, several fans of Abhishek came out in support of the actor and praised him. 

One user wrote, “I admire your talent on the have given fabulous performance and did justice to any type of character you have played... Please ignore these kind of tweeters.” 

Another fan said, “Don't take them seriously they find their happiness in criticising others but I wanna tell you as a fan you are an amazing actor and human being and you are moving on a right path so keep it up. Always maintain your JOSH HIGH.”

Despite a rough career graph from the beginning, Abhishek has time and again proved himself as a spectacular actor. Movies like Guru, Bob Biswas, Big Bull, Dasvi, and the web series, Breathe: Into the Shadows are a few of his milestones. Recently, the actor has also announced a new season of Breathe: Into the Shadows, which will stream on OTT from Nov 9.  

Though the actor lately has proven his talent a number of times, trolls still continue to criticise him. Well, Junior Bachchan takes it lightly and so do his fans. His success is indeed a straight slap to the troll army and without getting bothered, the Dasvi actor will keep on adding new feathers to his cap.