Sangati Jogwar

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  • Many hot OTT shows have some exciting and steamy sequences that should not be watched with family.
  • Here are 5 such OTT shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus Hotstar.

Watching web series or shows on the OTT during the lockdown was mainly restricted to topics that were family-friendly or that could be easily enjoyed by all the family members. However, now that things are back to normalcy, everyone wants to binge-watch certain OTT shows or releases on Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar, or Netflix that have some horrific or adult content in the privacy of their own room.

Here are some choicest of such shows currently streaming on the OTT platforms that you should not watch with the family but can be enjoyed in the privacy of your room.

You on Netflix

The story of this Penn Badgley-led stalker thriller is exciting as well as insane but it can make your parents fearful and they may start getting more curious and careful about your social media engagements and profiles. The show ends with the super-obsessed boyfriend imprisoning his girlfriend in a cage of glass.

Four More Shots, Please! on Amazon Prime Video

The show is led by four unapologetic and unabashed women who take charge of their personal, professional, and sexual lives. Four More Shots, Please! gives you a highly unreal perception of sex and dating and hence, you simply cannot watch it with your family.

Game of Thrones on Disney Plus Hotstar

While all the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones were very good the eighth season was messed up with a lot of gore and incest which can be shocking to your family. So, it is better to avoid watching it with your family.

The Witcher on Netflix

Based on a novel and a game, The Witcher is a story about a mutated monster hunter struggling to find an identity in a world full of wicked. While the storyline is all based on fantasy, it also includes a lot of steamy scenes that come up every now and then and hence, it is a good option only for private binge-watching.

Sex and the City on Disney + Hotstar

It is a show that focuses on the lives of women in their late 30s who are discussing constantly their sex lives. In most families discussing sex is a taboo and hence should be best avoided watching with family members.