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  • Hot and bold Hollywood web shows can add that missing excitement to your evenings.
  • Check out the top 5 such web shows currently streaming on OTT platforms.

Hot and bold, here are some of the supersensuous web shows that can cajole and pamper your guilty pleasures, especially during the weekdays when all you want is to unwind after a hectic day and have loads of fun.

These shows are super hot and some even will give you lingering dreamy thoughts the next day. Check below:

The Affair

The series first started on television in 2014 and was a big hit and ran for 5 seasons. It is all about beautiful people and their secret hookups and it also includes a murder which further spices up the things. The story mainly explores how extramarital affairs strongly make an impact on the emotions of a person. You can watch all the seasons on Amazon Prime and Hulu.


This is the first show produced by Netflix set in the Regency period during 1800. In those days the structure of English society was quite orthodox and marriage was the only priority in the life of women after they reached a particular age. But that did not stop the women from having scandalous affairs who were all into sexual explorations with the aristocrats, albeit behind the doors. Watch all the seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix.

Conversations with Friends

Based on the novel of Irish author Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends is a story of two couples and their affairs. It is an introspective story and usually does not go down well with the general audience. But this particular story did hit the right chord. You can watch this 2022 OTT release on Hulu.


Set in the backdrop of Chicago Easy is all about experiments in love life, exes, affairs, and hooking on Tinder. The show is a realistic approach to looking at intimacy, relationships, and vulnerability in affairs. Watch it on Netflix to explore new aspects of love affairs.


It is a teen drama revolving around the life of teenagers in Spain’s wealthy high school. Naturally, it includes everything from lots of affairs, intimate scenes, and also a murder mystery which makes the show binge-worthy. It is streaming on Netflix.