Cassian Baliarsingh

Tejas actress Kangana Ranaut has been hogging the limelight ever since she became the first woman to perform Ravan Dahan at the Lav Kush Ramleela in Delhi on Dussehra on Tuesday. While her fans and supporters are lauding the actress, a section of people have been brutally trolling her for fumbling while shooting the arrow.

Among the various people who opposed to Kangana’s presence at Delhi’s Lav Kush Rameela was noted Economist and former Cabinet Minister Subramanian Swamy.

Replying to a picture of Kangana Ranaut sporting a bikini, Swamy took to X and wrote, “According to SPG gossip she is a “frequent flyer”. Why should SPG gossip? Because of the organisation is overworked. Her being made chief guest in the Ramlila final day is the organisation’s conduct unbecoming of respect for Maryada Purushottam.”

Swamy’s tweet did not go well with the ‘Queen actress’ who is known to speak her heart out. The actress was quick enough to reply and give back in her own style.

In reply to Swamy’s tweet, Kangana wrote, “With a swimsuit picture and sleazy narrative you are suggesting that I have nothing else to offer except for my flesh to get my way in politics ha ha I am an artist arguably the greatest of all time in hindi films, a writer, director, producer, revolutionary right wing influencer, had there been a young male mavrick instead of me who could possibly be a great future leader and deserving of guidance and mentorship would you still imply that he is probably selling his flesh to get his way in politics?”

She further added, “Deep rooted sexism and dormant lust for female body making you sound like a pervert. Women are not just for sex, they have other organs as well like brain, heart, hands, feet and everything else that a man has or it takes to be a great leader 🙂 So why not Mr. Subramanian?”