Cassian Baliarsingh

Rashmika Mandanna, the ‘Saanvi Joseph’ from popular Kannada movie ‘Kirik Party’ is no longer the introvert, shy and recluse girl she used to be. Today, she has established herself as the ‘OG National Crush’ of India with millions of fans dying to see her on screen.

With back-to-back hits, she has established herself as one of the leading ladies in the film industry. Directors and producers are eagerly waiting to collaborate with her, with stars from all the film industries wanting to romance her on screen.

However, it wasn’t like this for Rashmika, who used to be a very shy, innocent and introvert person as a school girl. Rashmika recalled her school days during an interview and revealed that she wasn’t treated the best.

“I wasn’t treated the best in school. Because I wasn’t the best in my communicating skills and you’re just quiet and you don’t want to talk to anyone. Then, all the misunderstandings happen and there’s so many days and nights that I would cry and cry and cry. But, nobody would see me crying,” Rashmika revealed.

She further added, “I would just cry with myself inside my room. When I was a child, when I used to go and tell my mom some problem even if I cry for the smallest of the problems she used to say don’t cry. You think this is the world’s biggest problem?”

“That sort of like made me feel like oh it’s wrong if I cry in front of people. Even today, she is like nobody needs to know if anything is affecting you. Pretend that everything is fine, even if it’s not. With the world’s hardest thing on me right now I can still smile through. But, if I go back to my room, only I know what happens there,” she added.

Fans, especially introverts, who have experienced the same, second every word of Rashmika and praised the actress for speaking her heart out.