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News Highlights

  • Ankita Lokhande became a household name with Pavitra Rishta.
  • She wanted to become a film actress but one horrible experience changed her mind.

Ankita Lokhande became a household name with Pavitra Rishta. She was a big television star almost a decade ago. Like every aspiring actress, she was eager to try her luck in the film industry. And for that, she gave auditions as is the process under different production banners. But when she faced one horrible incident she had to let go of her dreams to become a film actress and instead decided to continue working in television serials.

In her latest interview, Ankita Lokhande opened up about her casting couch experience that stopped her plans to become an actress in movies. During her interaction with Hauterrfly, Ankita related an incident when she received a call from a production house that she was selected for a role. Recalling the incident Ankita said, “I had given an audition, I got a call saying, ‘You have been selected.’ I was supposed to go to sign and I told them, ‘Yes, I will come to the hotel.’ I even told my mother excitedly, ‘I am going and I will get the signing amount’.”

When she went to the hotel she was asked to meet someone inside a room while her co-ordinator was asked to wait outside. The Manikarnika actress said, “When I went to the hotel, they called me in and asked my coordinator to stand outside. They said, ‘You have to compromise.’ I was just 19 at that time. At that time, it was like ‘I want to be a heroine and that phase was on.’ I played smart because I did not want to hear that I had to sleep with someone. So I asked them, ‘What kind of a compromise?”

The Bigg Boss 17 contestant asked them, “Do you want me to go to a party with your producers, finances?’ So I played it very smart so that I don’t get to hear that what they were supposed to say.” But instead, she was told to sleep with the producer. Although Ankita Lokhande was dreaming of becoming an actress she was not ready to steep so low and refused to accept the condition.

And that day she decided not to work in the film industry and stick only to television.